• zero waste
  • Modular
  • Reversible 
  • Upcycled
  • Carbon neutral

  • Gender fluid 

  • visible mending

  • minimal usage

   of resources


With over an estimate of around 80 billion garments made every year from virgin resources, it results in overburdening and depletion of both natural as well as human resources.

There is an urgent need to come up with better strategies in order to safeguard our environment. While keeping this in mind we at WeAreLabeless came up with an idea of a  zero-waste capsule collection making sure that nothing goes into the landfill. The collection consists of a 'modular Jacket' that can be worn in multiple ways. For this we utilize pre-used pieces sourced from our surrounding areas, making sure that not only virgin fabrics are used but also with each piece sold we divert roughly around 8-10 pieces of old garments to end into the landfills, also making it carbon neutral. 

Reconstructing of old garments prolongs the textile’s lifecycle, slows down unnecessary textile production, reduces landfill pressure, and lessens the demand for natural resources. Because we strongly believe in utilizing products to their full potentials. 



The jacket has been made using preloved vintage uniforms collected over the time, washed, deconstructed and reassembled in a way that nothing is wasted. While the outer layer of the jacket is made using heavy weight cotton fabric from the uniforms, the inner layer comprises of pre-loved handloom kurtas patched together.

To make the garment look more quirky, small fabric leftovers from our post production are put together to create a colourful new fabric that has been added to the jacket. The technique of visible mending is used to fix any errors that piece of fabric has. For all the fastenings. pre-existing buttons from the older garments have been used  Keeping in mind nothing really goes to waste.

Keeping all of this in mind, this jacket is the most sustainable option of winter wear after Skin. It is gender neutral, thus creating a fluid space for an individual to experiment with their sense of style.

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