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About The Brand.

WeAreLabeless is a conscious hub working towards bringing people together while creating products. We are a team of creatives connected through art, craft and design working rigorously towards the sustainable development goals. Majorly SDG5 Gender Equalities by ensuring women-centric value chain and SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production by using ethical sources of handwoven fabrics with limited production.

We believe in producing when required with one of a kind materials. 

We give importance to customisation and all our pieces have a unique hand touched detail. 

 At WeAreLabeless, we work closely with the craftsmen from all across the country. It runs on
collaborations from all areas and expertise of art & craft. The brand provides daily wear luxury
garments with a story.
Founded in early 2019, WeAreLabeless is the brainchild of Mehak Tariq Beigh & Pallavi Yadav,
Working on creating a women-centric production, believing in the idea of giving back to society.
As designers, we can do so by working closely with design clusters as well as uplifting traditional crafts
&  textiles. WeAreLabeless aims to work beyond boundaries.



WeAreLabeless’ mission is to rehabilitate women from distressed areas and give them a safe
environment to enhance their skills, in their conscious hub which is not limited to any one specific
place. We aim to achieve a zero-waste cycle of production and create products of value and ethics.
We aim to create more valuable products with a transparent supply chain, giving our heroes behind
the scenes due credit.

How did ‘WeAreLabeless’ come into being?

WeAreLabeless started as an individual realisation and then a collective journey that was taken by
Mehak & Pallavi. As the word itself suggests the idea behind WeAreLabeless was not to glorify an
individual but to give equal credits to each individual in the value chain. As we like to call it creative
osmosis, where each individual learns from the other and create products.
The goal was never to just design clothes, but to build a creative space where like-minded people
came on-board to make a difference.
We drew inspirations from the age-old techniques, crafts & people all across the country.


We are beyond boundaries, We Are Labeless!

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